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An Innovative Team, Environment

At Premiere Property Group, our brokers enjoy a culture of sharing, synergy and masterminding. Continuing education and support for the success of each individual, the business and the community, is at the very core of our values. 
We believe that you win both in life and business by helping others.
Premiere Property Group’s mentorship program’s allows a mentee to be paired with a mentor through four real estate transactions. It’s a win-win; the mentee gets real world experience and the mentor gains an apprentice. 

Premiere Property Group Mentorship Program

Newer broker? Hone your real estate skills through our mentorship program!


Get the hands-on support you need to succeed.

Being a locally-owned brokerage, and brokers ourselves, has allowed us to create a business that puts our brokers first. Your success is our success. And, helping new brokers get off the ground with confidence and support is essential.

We were all there once. We know what it's like to land in a competitive environment, trying to figure it all out for yourself. That's why we offer a formal mentorship program that combines classroom training with in-the-field experience.

More than 30 experienced mentors are ready to help you!

In our mentorship program, new brokers are paired with seasoned professionals for their first four transactions, allowing them to learn best practices while closing transactions and getting paid.

Passing your real estate exam is an accomplishment; building a successful real estate career is a commitment. We are here to help you!

Meet Yelena Volodko, PPG Broker
I got my real estate license in August 2015 and within the first six months in business, I've closed six deals and am working on the seventh.
Premiere Property Group’s mentorship program is amazing! I attended classes and always had my questions answered quickly. Plus, the owners are so accessible. Everyone here is friendly and helpful.
And, while I was straight out of real estate school with no experience at all, I felt very comfortable because of the training and support I received through the mentorship program. I had someone who helped me in Oregon, and another person in Washington, since I am dual licensed.
I interviewed at several companies when I was first startng out and am very happy to be at Premiere Property Group.

Seven Reviewing Brokers on Speed Dial!

Backrow -- Jim Lutz, Kelly Yock, David Tangvald, Greg Whistler, Ron Schock. Front -- Pam Cawley, Barbara Roach.

Always get immediate help when you need it from any of our seven reviewing brokers...

Buyers and sellers shouldn’t be the only ones to receive outstanding customer service during a real estate transaction. You do, too!

While brokers with Premiere Property Group are assigned to one reviewing broker with whom they are able to develop a great working relationship with, they also have six other reviewing brokers on-call to answer questions at any time. Quick, efficient communication from a trusted source helps with transaction speed and a broker’s confidence.

Are you ready to get more from your Principal Broker?

Having seven seasoned reviewing brokers with over 165 years’ experience supervising professional real estate activity and answering questions about real estate law and contracts is unique and another secret ingredient to the growing company’s success.

Just a few months in as a Premiere broker, Gabriela Kandiziora saw how valuable this service is when she found herself working late at the office finishing up paperwork for a sale and a tricky issue arose. "Time was of the essence and I needed to get the offer in for the client," she related. "Fortunately, PPG has seven reviewing brokers to call, and even though it was after hours, I had my answer within minutes. The moral of the story? You're never in it alone at PPG. There’s always someone ready to help.”

Premiere’s founding members believe that one succeeds in business — and in life — by helping others succeed. It is this encouraging work environment that has helped the locally-owned real estate brokerage attract more than 500 agents since it was founded in 2009. Get help when you need it from our seven reviewing brokers.

Meet Reviewing Broker Ron Schock
Principal Broker Ron Schock, is just one of Premiere Property Group's reviewing brokers and said he enjoys helping the company build a strong presence in the market while helping other brokers succeed.
“I love helping agents through transactions. They can call me, email me or text me with questions. As one of our seven reviewing brokers, we answer questions for anybody at Premiere Property Group. It’s a lot of collaboration. You want to get the answer right the first time."


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