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Concierge-level Broker Support Services

Establishing your business with Premiere Property Group is a smooth and seamless process. You can expect to quickly get setup and running, providing your clients with cutting-edge marketing through state-of-the-art technologies. 
With seamless technology between all offices, Premiere Property Group agents always have a convenient, nearby place to easily plug into to meet clients and conduct business. Premiere Property Group agents are able to use all seven metro areas offices as their own to leverage local marketing campaigns.
At Premiere Property Group you’ll also enjoy:
  • Top-level lead generation programs
  • A mentorship program 
  • Multiple offices with seamless technology for convenience 
  • Advanced marketing tools and presentations
  • Paperless transactions and eSignatures
  • Full calendar of continuing education events
  • No franchise fees or monthly fees
  • Shared marketing and transaction coordination
  • BoomTown CRM, IDX and website

 Enjoy concierge-level broker services for an easy transition to PPG...

PPG Broker Concierge Team

You’ve probably thought about switching to another real estate brokerage, but the thought of having to move your license, change websites and untangle all of your marketing materials might feel overwhelming. Will your business suffer during this transition process? Is it all worth it?
We understand that your time is valuable and change is hard, that’s why we have a Broker Concierge team at Premiere Property Group who will do all of the heavy lifting for you. Just like a hotel concierge, our professional staff knows how to get you up-and-running quickly and seamlessly. After all, when you’ve on-boarded over 550 brokers while studying the transition process with an eye for improvement, you are bound to become incredibly efficient and great at this process.
Moving to PPG is this simple:

Bring your smart phone, tablet and laptop to the hour-long, personalized meeting with your PPG broker concierge. Our broker concierge will follow a meticulous checklist that ensures everything a broker needs done for a smooth transition is done prior to your leaving that meeting. This will include everything from guidance on transferring listings, to setting up your email, printers and scanners on all your devices, key cards for access to any of our seven offices and much more.
You can be assured that if it is important for your transition, then we have thought of it and added it to our checklist even if you have not. You will leave your on-board meeting ready to conduct business as usual and synced up to take advantage of PPG’s cutting-edge marketing and state-of-the-art technologies — all with your new email signature and access to all Premiere Property Group documents and services.

Meet Jessica Christopherson, PPG Broker
“As a wife and a mother, I am very busy. I was scared of the time that it would take to switch companies — the website, signs, cards, directionals, notecards. It all takes time from my family and my business to change (companies). However, this transition was so much smoother than I ever dreamed of. The support that is provided is top-notch and the marketing department is a dream to work with. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The camaraderie at this company is what I have wished for my entire career. It truly feels like home. Honestly, the only thing I regret is not joining this PPG family sooner.” — Jessica Christopherson


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