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Locally owned by brokers, for brokers.

Your Key to a Great Career Starts Here.

Premiere Property Group is the fastest growing real estate brokerage with six offices in Oregon and SW Washington, with new and experienced brokers joining our team every week.

Concierge-Level Broker Support and Services

We are the only locally-owned real estate broker-age with concierge-level services especially designed to help brokers build their business. At Premiere Property Group you'll enjoy:

  • New Hire White Glove Set-Up Services
  • Top-Level Lead-Generation Programs
  • Seamless Technology Between Offices
  • FREE Marketing Tools
  • Transaction Point Paperless Management
  • Continuing Education
  • NO Franchise Fees and NO Monthly Fees
  • Mentorship programs — and more!

Broker-Friendly Commission Plans

Individual Agents or Husband/Wife/Partners or Dual Licensed Agents (OR/WA):

Annual Plan........Paid Annually........$6,000/year
Monthly Plan........$750 Paid Monthly........$9,000/year
Split Plan........Volume Based........$12,000/year

75/25% or 80/20% or 90/10%

Additional Partner/Team Agents: (Buyer, Listing and Dual Licensed Agents)

Annual Plan........Paid Annually........$4,000/year
Monthly Plan........$416 Paid Monthly........$5,000/year
Split Plan........Volume Based........$6,000/year

75/25% or 80/20% or 90/10%

Learn More About Joining the PPG Team!

Joining PPG is like coming home to a place where your success and well-being come first. We know that happy brokers are productive brokers and our PPG Broker Success Services will get you on your way! Contact one of our Principal Broker/Owners for a confidential interview:

Kelly Yock: 503-710-7721

Julie Fugate: 503-590-1900

Steve Borwieck: 360-693-6139

What Brokers are Saying Matters Most...

Tascha Gamroth, Principal Broker
(Previously with Prudential NW Properties & Keller Williams)

“Making the move to Premiere Property Group was the best and smartest decision in my entire career! Premiere Property Group is run by people with no agenda other than helping brokers succeed and fully benefitting their clients. I spent six years at Keller Williams and 19 years at Prudential. It was a team decision to make a fresh start at Premiere Property Group. We very much liked the down-to-earth, local owners. They offer a full spectrum of services including inhouse property management and commercial real estate. It just makes sense for our investors and repeat/resale clients. Their willingness to adapt with this ever-changing industry is remarkable. Premiere Property Group is the fastest growing real estate company in the Pacific Northwest and we’re thrilled to be on board.”

Brandon Vrosh, Broker
(New Broker)

"Premiere Property Group has a created a positive and professional culture based on the notion that each of us will be better and more successful by helping each other. I love that whenever I encounter a situation I need help with or have a question that needs answering, I can turn to any one of my colleagues. Each broker is genuinely excited for and inspired by others’ achievements. Our offices are centers for collaboration and energetic hubs for business. I would tell any broker to visit our offices. Talk with any of our brokers. Review our compensation plans. Premiere Property Group offers brokers a relaxed and supportive atmosphere they will find easy to thrive within!"

Jamie & Steve Alves, Principal Brokers
(Previously with RE/MAX & Keller Williams)

“We recently cele-brated our 2nd anniversary with Premiere Property Group. This company has literally changed our lives. We work when we want, with who we want. We stay home with our baby if we want to. We travel like never before and are debt-free.

We are forever grateful for the opportunities and success this company has poured into our lives. Thank you Premiere Property Group for your support and for making us FREE through your profit share program. YOU ARE CHANGING LIVES and there is no greater opportunity than being with the fastest-growing, most innovative firm in the Portland metro area.”

Earn Ongoing Rewards from Brokers You Refer!

We pay you a referral bonus of 10% per broker, per level, four levels deep!

Paid monthly based on brokerage fees they pay into the company.

Invite as many brokers as you want!

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