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What Our Brokers Say About Us Matters Most


Diane Peterson, Broker 

“I love my new company! I was with another company for 8 years and found that their culture and business model no longer fit mine. It wasn't easy to make the change but I did my homework and moved to Premiere Property Group and I couldn't be happier! PPG is a very agent-oriented company and the staff made the move easy. The training is great. 

“We're growing -- with new agents joining almost daily. And the FREE resources, tools, and technology available to PPG agents are incredible.

“I'm getting to keep more of my hard earned commission so I can invest more in my business. And the money I pay to PPG stays local. 

“The best part for me is the culture at PPG is a really good fit. In the 6 months I've been here, we've raised $8,000 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, collected over $2,700 and 1,800 lbs of food for the Oregon Food Bank, and raised over $6,000 for Habitat for Humanity at our Holiday Open House/Silent Auction. Premiere Property Group is a company that really believes in giving back to the community. I'm lucky to be partnered with them. Oh, and we do sell a lot of real estate! Talk about win/win!”

Thanks for the kind comments, Diane! We're so glad you choose PPG.


John McKay, Broker 

Broker, John McKay joined Premiere Property Group as a new broker. A few days ago we asked him about his experience since joining the team. Here is what he had to say...

I teamed with Premiere Property Group because of their marketing expertise, technology edge, and client dedication. They have a business model that is exactly what I was looking for. I joined this group as a new broker and I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support I received. My colleagues truly care about my success and I love them for that. 

You can reach John at 503-702-5529 or johnmckayhomes@gmail.com, 



Laurie Peniuk, Broker 

Broker, Laurie Peniuk, joined the PPG team this fall and is working out of our West Portland Office. Now that she's been with us for a few months, we sat down with her to check in on her PPG experience. Here's what she had to say... 

"I’m a firm believer that things happen in our journey of life for a reason. After nearly six years with the same real estate firm, a new opportunity knocked at my door – Premiere Property Group, one of the fastest growing real estate offices in the Portland metro area, with over 400 agents and six offices. I can now say Premiere Property Group was the missing link to my puzzle.

As much as I absolutely love my job and the awesome time I get to spend with my clients, I was at a point in my career that I really needed help leveraging my business and family time. I needed the office space, the resources and assistance with trained individuals that were willing and ready to help me. 

Now that I’m settled in at my new PPG West Portland office, I couldn't be happier. Everything has been set in place and things are rolling smoothly. There are so many things that I could rave about, so I'll just break it down:

* More time with my Family! More time with my Clients!
* Incredible brokerage fees, saving me over $18k per year!
* Spacious offices with views of the West Hills! (Much needed visual therapy for this not so adjusted native Oregonian.)
* Tons of educational training every month!
* Free systems designed and in-place that save me time and help leverage my business!
* Six amazing offices throughout the Metro area for all PPG agents!
* PPG is not a franchised office! All Six offices have the same, local ownership.

Premiere Property Group was structured to assist their agents, help leverage their time and to provide the necessary systems so you can better serve your clients, family and friends. Making a change in the real estate industry isn't always an easy task but Premiere Property Group is definitely a real estate company that’s awesome and continues to grow throughout the Portland metro area. One of my best decisions!

Thank you Kelly Yock, Lori Jo Yock, Steve Nassar, and Sarah Parks for Premiere Property Group! I’m pleased to be doing business here and I’m looking forward to my new journey with PPG."

You can reach Laurie at the West Portland Office at 503-969-2073 or Homes@LauriePeniuk.com, 



Barbara Roach,  Principal Broker (Formerly with Prudential  and Carrington Financial)

"Since beginning my career in 1978 I have seen real estate companies and market trends change dramatically. The first brokerage I joined was based on its family atmosphere and my friendship with the owner. I then managed for Lutz Snyder which shortly thereafter joined the Prudential franchise. A few years later we were purchased by Stan Wiley and the two companies were merged and operated under the Prudential name.

Three years ago, I left Prudential to open an Oregon division for Carrington Financial and hired agents to facilitate the sale of their Oregon REO inventory. What I learned while with Carrington, was that clients chose agents based on relationships, not the company franchise name. Agents will invest more of their money back into their business if they aren't paying it all out in franchise fees and double-digit desk fees. And, agents are more efficient when provided the right technology and a paperless system to control their transactions.

All I have learned from my past affiliations helped me formulate what I wanted my next company to look like. I knew it was very important that I join a progressive brokerage run by a hands-on management team that operated with vision and drive. The company would need to be competitive, provide the tools, technology and training to help agents be more productive, while allowing them to put more of the commission in their own pocket. While many companies are losing agents and market share, I wanted to be affiliated with a company that was up and coming – cutting edge and growing by actively recruiting quality brokers.

In meeting with Premiere Property Group, I was excited to learn they started the company because they were brokers tired of paying high fees and have vowed to keep PPG the "brokers brokerage." The company offers everything I was looking for and the owners are hands on and agent-centric. The desk fees are amazingly low without the nickel and dime type fees so many companies slip in. They have a totally paperless transaction management system in place and excellent broker support. 
When I looked at the roster I was surprised at how many top brokers had already signed on and how quickly they have grown and continue to do so. When I asked agents about the company, their enthusiasm and satisfaction was refreshing.

After my meeting with the owners, it was clear why so many agents are joining them and staying. And, the rest is history!:

Barbara works out of the Lake Oswego PPG office on Meadows Road and can be contacted at 503-880-3119.


Donna Schorr, Broker 


Donna Schorr has been working in various areas of real estate since 1993 and began as a commercial leasing agent. Licensed in OR and WA, she transitioned to residential real estate in 2000, and by 2006 she was managing a large office with 130 agents, until 2008 when she saw the need for quality short sale agents. With her commercial background, and 6 years in title, this has given her a good basis to work with the banks, and she maintains her CDPE (certified distressed property expert) certification and enjoys her role as negotiator. Prior to PPG she had switched companies several times as she won’t settle for less than sterling quality in her colleagues and owners/brokers. After joining PPG she has been “wowed” by the sharing of knowledge, support from other agents, and the absolute best quality of managing brokers she has access to. I love the relaxed and supportive environment at both offices, it’s a great life!



Jill Stocking, Broker 


“My change to Premiere Property Group was well thought out. It is a progressive, forward-thinking company that keeps the focus on where it should be—its Brokers. PPG has the latest technology and tools. The staff supports you and mentors you. They are like a Silent Partner to help you grow your business, without all the astronomical fees other brokers charge you, while offering the same benefits.

Real Estate is a Business.... your Business....you run it. Premiere Property Group gets this.


I would be happy to speak with you in concerning a wise financial move to Premiere Property Group. Call anytime, 360.687.1924”




Linda Terhaar, Broker (Formerly with Prudential Northwest Properties/Stan Wiley)

Premiere Property Group broker Linda Terhaar has years of experience. "I knew Kelly Yock and Sarah Parks at Premiere Property Group and they were very well respected. So when I got a chance to interview with them, everything fell into place and I love it here! It's about the brokers not the brokerage firm. Kelly  and Sarah mean what they say and set brokers up to succeed. People told me it's a discount firm, but that's so far from the truth! Sure, the desk fees are nominal. But the staff, service, technology and training seminars are excellent. They listen to what brokers need and find a way to make it happen. The offices are first class, high energy and upbeat. They take best practices in the industry and make them better. My advice to any broker thinking of leaving their company –  interview with Kelly  as soon as possible and don't look back." Click the link below to meet our professionals.


Cindy and Tom Wideman, Brokers    (Formerly Owners with Keller Williams)


“One of the benefits of working for Premiere Property Group was pointed out to me the first time we met with Kelly. We can treat any Premiere Property Group office like our own. Use the conference room, printer, scanner, copier, etc. I thought that that was a nice benefit, but didn’t fully appreciate it until today, when we actually took advantage of it. We had a new client on the Eastside who wanted to write an offer and of course the clock was ticking and it had to be submitted right away. We determined that going to the Broadway office would be the most expedient. Using the lock box code that was readily available in the online Broker Toolkit, we were able to get in easily. We met in the conference room and wrote the offer. I went to the copy machine and said to myself, ‘I hope this works the way it’s supposed to work.’ I pressed the buttons and found my name! Yeah! Scanned the docs, retrieved them easily and got the offer to the listing agent on time! Thank you Premiere Property Group! Now we have our own office almost anywhere in the Portland area. By the way, this never could have been accomplished at Brand X Realty where each office is independently owned and operated."

David & Victoria Mendenhall, Brokers  (Formerly Owners with Keller Williams)

"Our move to PPG was an awakening after our decision to leave our 10 year association with a national company.  Moving was not on our radar but comfort and status quo sometimes strips away core facts such as spending in excess of $23,000 per year for 10 years on desk fees and other charges. 

We examined Premiere Property Group’s newly introduced innovative desk fee and referral structure for brokers and we could no longer brush aside reality.  We’re saving  thousands per year and providing additional dollars in client marketing and  future retirement.   

Instead of ever increasing mandatory fees for services we did not ask for or did not need, we now have a large choice in free services. Others have called their move to PPG a breath of fresh air.  We agree and want agents to know how it feels to reward ourselves first for hard work.  PPG has great culture, a great educational component and highly trained staff to make your move stress free."


Emilio FontanaBroker  (Formerly Owners with John L. Scott, Keller Williams)

Premiere Property Group broker Emilio Fontana has over 20 years of experience. He started at Century 21, and managed a John L. Scott branch office, then worked for Keller Williams. "I joined Premiere Property Group because the marketing materials are included in the low desk fee. My past brokers/companies seem to be in the business of making money off their brokers. Premiere Property Group is more like a silent partner who gives advice when needed, helps, teaches and mentors, but does not reach so deep in your pocket. Premiere Property Group's success comes by helping a lot of brokers make money – not selling all kinds of classes over and over, and acting like without this latest class or tool you will not succeed."

What do you like most about Premiere Property Group? "How comfortable it is to be here. No pressure, just a lot of opportunity and support. I like how simple the recruiting incentives are to understand and calculate. The cost to do business here is so reasonable, it gives me more time to be with my family and do the things I love to do. It really is all about the quality of life at this point in my career. I don’t need to conquer the world. I just want to make a great living and enjoy my family."


Deborah Wilkinson, Principal Broker   (Formerly with Keller Williams)

"Over two and a half years ago, I made the move to Premiere Property Group.  Even though I liked so many aspects of my former brokerage, the support I get at PPG has made it possible for me to survive in these tough times. For me, it is far more than the cost savings of a lower split, $12,000 Cap and lower office fees; it is the amazing technology and tools that we have access to. At the beginning of the year, I made it my goal to be paperless by the end of the year. Because of financial investments made by PPG in products/services such as BoomTown, SkySlope and DocuSign that integrate with the new RMLS zip forms, that goal will be met."




Jamie & Steve Alves, Principal Brokers, The Alves Group  (Formerly with Keller Williams)

"Premiere Property Group was just what we were looking for. This company embraces technology and helps you innovate it into your business. I'm very impressed with the level of professionalism our company offers I like to call it "5 Star" service & quality in both the agents and management. We are a husband and wife team that is now saving $24,000 a year as of July 2011 when we made the best decision for ourselves and business to move on to bigger and better things! This "extra" $24,000 we are keeping gives us a better life & business."  


"We are extremely happy with Premiere Property Group and the valet services they offer for NO additional charge. This company blows my mind with all the additional services and perks they give to us to increase our business. We have cut our bottom line in half and LOVE the way this company is run. If you are looking for change, inspiration, savings, quality and an incredible office staff -- then this is the place for you to call home. We are delighted to be here and should have made this move 5 years ago. Thank you PPG for giving us a better business and life on our own terms!"






Stephen FitzMaurice, Broker   (Formerly with Prudential Northwest)

Stephen FitzMaurice loves the first class office space and professional work environment at Premiere Property Group. "I left Prudential for Premiere Property Group. After 10 years as a broker, I wanted reasonable fees and a great place to work. I found both."



Tesha Perry, Oregon & Washington Broker (Formerly with Keller Williams)

Tesha Perry, licensed in both Oregon and Washington loves working with Premiere Property Group. "I'm saving over $16,000 in brokerage fees each year. The offices are conveniently located and everyone is so friendly and helpful. I'm happy to speak with any brokers considering the move to Premiere Property Group 360-624-4428."




Chris Cain, Broker   (Formerly with Keller Williams)

"Premiere Property Group is a progressive, forward-thinking company that keeps its focus where it should be - on its brokers.  I came to the company with an unconventional business model and was welcomed with open arms.  PPG encourages individuality and innovation - not models.  With an emphasis on technology, ownership has created an environment that allows it's brokers to blaze their own trail with support when they need it.   

In my first full year as a broker, I've found a very welcoming and accepting culture at PPG that has put me within reach of my initial goals.  Furthermore, I've been able to save thousands of dollars in overhead, as well.  Choosing PPG was the right choice and I would encourage anyone to take the time to see how they would improve your business too."


Janine Smith, Broker  (Formerly with Keller Williams)

“I heard about PPG through a friend of mine that I used to work with.  He told me a great, positive, energetic company was starting and suggested I meet with one of the principal brokers.  I quickly made an appointment and met with Kelly Yock.  He was very nice and knowledgeable, filled me in on how the company was going to be run, the support I would have as a new agent with them, and all of the training they would provide.  The split was WAY BETTER than my former company, where I was on a team.

I switched companies that week and have been with Premiere Property Group ever since July 2009 and I love it! All of the agents are warm, friendly and helpful, with no drama.

The principal brokers are very encouraging and supportive.  I just finished my CDPE designation and can’t wait to start working more transactions.  If you are looking for a place to call home, come on over and check us out, you will like what you see!”


Ken Terhaar, Broker (Formerly with Prudential NW Properties/Stan Wiley)

Premiere Property Group broker Ken Terhaar has worked as a real estate broker for 26 years. He was associated with Prudential NW Properties/Stan Wiley before joining Premiere Property Group. Ken raves about Premiere Property Group, "we have great people in this company to work with and fantastic owners, who actually are working brokers! We are a growing company with people who help and care for their fellow Premiere Property Group brokers." You can reach Ken Terhaar in our West Portland office 503-670-9000.


Brandon Vrosh, Broker


“Premiere Property Group has a created a positive and professional culture based on the notion that each of us will be better and more successful brokers by helping each other succeed. I love that whenever I encounter a situation I need help with or have a question that needs answering, I can turn to any one of my colleagues for a solution or for support. Each broker is genuinely excited for and inspired by others’ achievements and it is that excitement and inspiration that breeds future success. Our offices are centers for collaboration and energetic hubs for business. They are friendly, comfortable places to work and meet with clients and colleagues. I would tell any broker to visit our offices. Talk with any of our brokers. Review our compensation plans. Premiere Property Group offers brokers a relaxed and supportive atmosphere they will find easy to thrive within!" You can reach Brandon in our Vancouver office, 360-521-6988.






Scott and Tish Ticknor, Brokers

"Thank you so much for providing such a great support system, it is invaluable to us while we ramp up at Premiere Property Group. We couldn't be happier and talk every day about how we are so grateful that we joined such an amazing organization as Premiere Property Group!


Melissa Murphy, Broker  (Formerly with Keller Williams)

"I can’t express how fortunate I feel to be at Premiere Property Group. The energy, people, support and opportunities are amazing. I’ve been busier and HAPPIER than I have in my entire real estate career. So nice to be able to reach the goals I’m setting – with encouragement from our amazing team. Premiere Property Group rocks! Thank you for creating such a wonderful place!"


Guy Cameron, Broker (Formerly with Prudential, RE/MAX and Oregon First)

Guy Cameron

“Premiere Property Group's flexible office hours, locations and competitive broker fees made it easy for me to make the move. I like the seamlessness of the offices as they are easy to access and the Wi-Fi and printing are easy to use at the different branches. No special settings or commands for the different offices. There is good training with lots of classes and helpful staff to get a person off to a strong start and on good firm footing."





Amy Donaldson, Broker  (Formerly with Keller Williams)

"I joined Premiere Property Group because of the positive culture and the amazing leadership. I love everything about this company! The education, the mentor program, the low fees and more." Her advice for brokers looking for something much better? "Do it. The sooner you come on board, the sooner you reap the benefits and enjoy a whole new career."




Ken Ackerman, Broker (Formerly with Keller Williams)



Ken got his license in the mid 90's in Washington and his Oregon license in 2006. Ken has worked for Keller Williams, Comcast, KATU, KPTV, KGW, and Newsbeat Social. He joined Premiere Property Group because his team thought it was a better fit going forward to achieve their goals. Ken says "I would tell brokers to assess their goals and decide whether their current situation is the best place to achieve what you set out for yourself."






Cindy Thompson, Broker (Formerly with Windermere West)

"I've been with Premiere Property Group since December of 2012 and I am broker number 100. There were a couple of reasons for wanting to join Premiere Property Group. First and foremost, I loved the commission structure that Premiere Property Group offers to their brokers! I was tired of giving away almost ½ of my commission checks to my previous brokerage firm. Secondly, I love all the benefits that you get with this brokerage firm. For example, DocuSign for free, fabulous training opportunities, amazing online presence, 1-800 service, client appreciation events, just to name a few. The other amazing thing is that Premiere Property Group has offices all over the Portland Metro area and even in Washington. As a Premiere Property Group broker, you can visit any office and pull up your wireless and you are all plugged in and ready to work. The beautiful new Bethany office, where I call home, is a GREAT location for those working on the Westside. For any brokers out there wanting to keep more of your hard-earned commission checks, come and check out what Premiere Property Group has to offer. You will be amazed."


Sharilynn Taylor, Broker  (Formerly with Keller Williams & Prudential Northwest)

"The decision to join Premiere Property Group was an easy one to make. Upon our initial meeting, the feeling was immediately 'down home' and comfortable. No high pressure sales pitches on why we should join. It was all about making sure our team felt like it was a good fit. We wanted our next move to feel like we were joining a company with other like-minded people that offered an honest balance in the consideration of the agents, an abundance of resources and a desk fee program with no hidden, forced or excessive fees. It was clear early on that there really wasn't a better fit to be had elsewhere. We were coming from a place where there was an unbalance and within minutes of our initial meeting, I felt like we had just come home. Premiere Property Group is clearly the new revolution in real estate. This company is simply a breath of fresh air and with a quick decision, a swift move, a seamless transition; we have generated a renewed synergy and excitement for our business. There is a genuine and authentic approach to Premiere Property Group. The family-feel and local appeal were what enticed us. The $7,000/year desk fee and to pay for only the services we use is what sold us. It's truly a wholesome, full-bodied fit! We have been delighted with our decision and only wish we were bold enough to have made the move sooner."


Tom Wilser, Principal Broker (Formerly with Century 21, ERA, Georgetown and RE/MAX Equity Group)



“I joined Premiere Property Group because I liked the staff and other brokers who go out of their way to be helpful. That is matched by the technology, synergy, energy and highly competitive fees. I can use any of the six Premiere Property Group offices around town and all my machine settings are the same, so I don't waste time driving back to my home office."





Randy Engfer, Broker  (Formerly with Keller Williams)

"My first month at Premiere Property Group has far exceeded my expectations. This is a great company! Premiere Property Group meets its brokers' needs in unique ways, allowing us to better serve our clients!"






Steve Borwieck, Broker (Fomerly with from Capstone Real Estate & Keller Williams)

Steve merged his Vancouver company with Premiere Property Group. "We had very like beliefs and our business models were similar as well. We both saw the opportunity to offer the continuity that brokers would be looking for in business name and structure since we're both border cities and we have many dual licensed agents. Our compensation package for dual licensed brokers and brokers in general is VERY competitive. I love how we have an open door policy in our office. No question/comment is off limits when it comes to our real estate business. If a broker is considering a move to Premiere Property Group, I would highly encourage it! Call any of our brokers that are choosing to do business with us now and ask them their thoughts on being here."





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