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Premiere Property Group is the fastest growing, and the LARGEST, real estate brokerage in the region. The company was ranked No. 8 by the Portland Business Journal’s 2015 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies. 
Our agents sell over $2.5 Billion in real estate annually.  We have ten offices in Oregon and SW Washington.  Our locally-owned brokerage has grown to more than 900+ agents since 2009.

So, what is attracting so many new and seasoned real estate professionals?

Quite simply, Premiere Property Group is focused on how it can help its brokers save money and help one another grow their businesses, rather than looking to make money off its brokers with never-ending fees.
Its comprehensive and innovative broker-friendly business model was specifically designed to position agents, like you, for success. The company’s efficient, scalable business model leverages the most advanced industry technologies and marketing tools to help their brokers.
And, brokers with Premiere Property Group are able to invest more into their clients because of the low desk fees — less than half of other competitive brokerages — while offering robust marketing and business strategies. 
And, since there are no out-of-state owners or franchise fees, the local owners are proud to have profits reinvested into the business, as they stay within our local community. 
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Broker Testimonials

Jessica Christopherson, Broker

“As a wife and a mother, I am very busy. I was scared of the time that it would take to switch companies — the website, signs, cards, directionals, notecards. It all takes time from my family and my business to change (companies). However, this transition was so much smoother than I ever dreamed of. The support that is provided is top-notch and the marketing department is a dream to work with. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The camaraderie at this company is what I have wished for my entire career. It truly feels like home. Honestly, the only thing I regret is not joining this PPG family sooner.” — Jessica Christopherson

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Kelly Yock
Principal Broker, Owner

Steve Borwieck
Broker, Owner


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