Premiere Property Group is one of the largest and rapidly growing non-franchised Real Estate Brokerages in the nation. We offer comprehensive marketing and brokerage services at much lower fees – often less than half of other competitive brokerages. Our agent-friendly business model is coupled with a synergistic culture where we all help one another succeed. Here are just a few reasons why agents join our team.

Broker Concierge

Seamless on-boarding! Just like a hotel concierge, our staff knows how to get you up-and-running quickly and seamlessly. We’ve on-boarded 1100+ agents; our process makes it easy for you to transfer.

Education & Training

We provide relevant and cutting-edge training to our agents, so they can provide the highest level of support for their clients. Our comprehensive training curriculum includes online continuing education and a formal Mentorship Program. All training classes are recorded to make them available to you anytime, anywhere via our internal PPGtoolkit.

Top-notch Reviewing Broker Team

14 Reviewing Brokers with a combined 250+ years of experience. Offering expert advice to help agents close more transactions and reduce their risk. We are here to help – Call anytime!

Lead Generation

We work closely with proven lead sources including Zillow, Trulia and our PPGbusiness platform to generate quality assured leads that you can close.

Cutting-edge Marketing

Our agents can quickly order a la carte marketing from our in-house, web-based marketing service and listing platform concierge team. All of your business marketing needs are just one click away!

Cost Savings

Premiere Property Group delivers a brokerage model that puts our agent’s pocketbooks FIRST. We keep all fees low – less than half of competitive brokerages. We offer a traditional split plan as well as deeply discounted annual plan that puts you on 100% commissions.
Annual Plan: $8,000 / yr OR Split Plan: 25% Capped at $12,000 / yr
Transaction Fee: $75 per transaction
E&O Fee: $75 per transaction


Full suite of industry leading technology including: FREE agent websites and CRM’s, Digisign, Skyslope, Premiere Tours, Corefact, Dropbox, Showing Suite, PPGtoolkit, PPGconnect, PPGbusiness, and International Listing Syndications.

Residual Income

Earn an ongoing supplemental stream of income from agents you refer to Premiere Property Group! Referral bonus up to 10% per agent, paid monthly based on brokerage fees paid to the company.

At Premiere Property Group YOU are our main priority. We are committed to your success!

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